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18 august 2022 eskorterte svenske jasgerfly og norske kampfly amerikanske B-52 strategiske bombefly over norsk territorium

IFS Insights: High North deterrence

B52 and fighter aircrafts
IFS Insights 4/2024

Following Finland’s and Sweden’s decisions to join NATO, with Russia continuing to threaten stability in Europe, the Nordic countries are debating their military posture. Their policy on allied training, operations and basing, as well as a new look on regional strategy are examples.


  • It is arguably of strategic interest for Norway and Finland that their strategic posture in the High North is coherent.
  • Norway and Finland should be able to influence NATO’s posture in the region to adhere with theirs.
  • Today, Norway aims to modulate national and allied presence in the Arctic in a balancing act between deterrence and reasurance.
  • Finland aims to strengthen its existing deterrent posture in the High North with NATO assets.


About the author

Brigadier General Pål Berglund is a member of the Royal College of Defence Studies, completing his post-graduate certificate.

He has extensive experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces, recently as the commander of Brigade North. Previously he has served at the Defence staff and MoD. He is also a graduate of the French command and staff college, École de Guerre.

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