Dramstad, Anders-4[142]_Anders Dramstad

Anders Dramstad

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
Research assistant
Phone: 90080746

(b. 1992) Anders Dramstad is a science assistant at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS), and its currently a participant in the ongoing IFS research programme “Norwegian Security Policy in Strategic Perspective”.  

Dramstad holds a MA I history from UiT - The Arctic University of Norway (2021) and was MA scholarship holder at IFS in 2019.

Through his master’s studies, Dramstad has studied key developmental features in the development of the so-called “self-imposed restrictions” on allied military activity on Norwegian territory in peacetime during the period 1970–1999.

This study resulted in the master’s thesis «Beroligelses- og avskjermingsaspektet i støpeskjeen? Utviklingen av de selvpålagte restriksjonene i norsk sikkerhetspolitikk 1970–1999» [New Aspects of Norwegian Screening- and Reassurance Policy in the Making? The Changing Character of the Self-Imposed Restrictions in Norwegian Security Policy 1970–1999.]