Halvorsen, Arvid_Ob_Sjef_STS

Arvid Halvorsen

Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College
Head of department

Arvid Halvorsen has operational background in the C2 system since 1989. He has held a variety of certificates and check-outs at CRC and CAOC level. 

While Halvorsen was commanding the 130 Air Wing a “Lean Camp” concept was established. It helped focus all effort on operations, and to cut back on excess, and by this saving a lot of money for the Air Force. During the same period Halvorsen was part of the Norwegian Air Force leader group.

When he led the East Section at NATO IMS, the section adviced all senior military leaders at the HQ. The section's area of responsibility consisted of 17 countries in East Europe and Asia, with a focus on Russia and China. Arvid Halvorsen travelled frequently to Russia and China and met amongst others with the Russian CHOD General Gerasimov several times. The section played an important role at the HQ, and for this Halvorsen received NATO Secretary’s Meritorious Service Medal.