Tor-Erik Hanssen

Tor-Erik Hanssen

Norwegian Military Academy
Head teacher
Lieutenant Colonel/PhD


  • Military Academy basic and advanced course, Norwegian Military Academy
  • Command and Staff College, Norwegian Staff College
  • MA War Studies, King’s College London
  • Thesis: Clausewitz and US Military Doctrine (Distinction)
  • PhD War Studies. Kings College London

Leadership positions

  • Dean Norwegian Defence University College 2018–2022
  • Dean Norwegian Military Academy 2017–2018
  • Head of Analysis JTEC Georgia 2015–2016
  • CO 1 Coy His Majesty the King’s Guards 2005–2006
    • Military theory
    • Strategic theory and strategic studies
    • Strategi and civil-military relations
    • Western and Norwegian military doctrine
    • War and Society in military history