Missions and values

The Norwegian Armed Forces solve a wide range of tasks in times of peace, crisis and war. However, we always act by our values and ethical standards.

Minneseremoni for ulykken i vassdalen 30år siden. Norske og Amerikanske soldater deltar på ett minuttsstillhet / In memory of Vassdal during Cold Response 2016

With its vast sea areas, numerous islands, long and winding fjords, and majestic mountains, Norway is a complex country to defend. Without a military defence, others could easily put political and military pressure on us. The Norwegian Armed Forces ensure that no one challenges our borders, our democracy, or our values. Our job is to keep Norway and our people safe.

Securing our country is a big task for the armed forces to solve alone. That is why we work closely together with the Norwegian civil society, and why we are a member of NATO. Norwegian troops are always ready to support NATO, ensuring that the world's strongest military alliance is ready to support Norway if necessary.

However, state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained soldiers are not enough. We need good values, clever minds, and people who take care of themselves and others. People who handle difficult choices and ethical dilemmas. It is our job to protect Norwegian values. That means that we, too, must live by these values.

Our missions

We solve a wide range of tasks on behalf of Norway.

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Our values

The Norwegian Armed Forces must live by the values we are set to protect.

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I september 2020 ble en øvelse med Cyberforsvarets base- og alarmtjenester, Cyberingeniørskolen og Kompani Østerdalen gjennomført på Onsum ved Jørstadmoen og Kittilbu i Gausdal. // September of 2020 an exercise including Norwegian Armed Forces Cyber Defence Garrison Support and Response Services, Norwegian Defence University College of Engineering – Telematics /Cyber Engineer School and Company Østerdalen was held at Onsum, Jørstadmoen and Kittilbu, Gausdal.