The Royal Norwegian Navy

The Navy secures Norwegian sovereignty at sea and protects Norway’s maritime interests.

Norway is an Arctic maritime nation and highly dependent on free access to the sea. Through processing and sale of natural resources like oil, gas and fish, Norway has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This has allowed Norway to create a sophisticated welfare state, ensuring all Norwegians social security and equal rights.

The Royal Norwegian Navy protects our values and ensures Norway free access to sea by protecting, surveilling and controlling our coastline and our waters. The Navy is led by the Chief of the Navy, supported by the Naval Staff, based at Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen.

Coast guard vessels and naval ships are constantly patrolling and sailing Norwegian and international waters – ready to protect Norway. Our vessels are both mobile and flexible with high responsiveness and great endurance. This makes the Norwegian Navy ready to respond wherever and whenever required.

Main departments

  1. The Fleet

    Militære fartøy på islagt hav
    • The Norwegian Fleet is Norway's naval strength. 
    • The Fleet is composed of several types of marine vessels, including frigates, submarines, minesweepers and service vessels.
    • It also includes units like the Coastal Ranger Commando and the Naval EOD Command
    • The Norwegian Naval Operations Centre (NORNOC) runs and plans all the Navy's missions and day-to-day operations. The Centre also produces an updated situational understanding of all activity in Norwegians waters and Norway's area of interest. 
    • The Naval Staff is headed by the Chief of the Navy and is based at Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen, western Norway.
  2. The Coast Guard

    En inspektør fra KV Svalbard ser på trålen under en inspeksjon. / An inspector from CGV Svalbard look at the trawl during an inspection.
    • The Coast Guard continuously conducts day-to-day missions in Norwegian waters.
    • The Coast Guard secures Norwegian sovereignty and controls fishery and maritime activity in Norwegian waters and economic zones. It also handles custom supervision, environmental supervision, rescue operations and docking control.
    • The Coast Guard staff and command are based at Sortland in Vesterålen, northern Norway.
  3. Main bases

    Avslutningsoppstilling for rekruttskole 2004, Sjøseksjonen på Madla.
    • The Royal Norwegian Navy has two main bases: Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen and Ramsund Naval Base in northern Norway. The latter also includes Camp Trondenes in Harstad, the Coastal Ranger Commando's headquarters.
    • Haakonsvern Naval Base is the national headquarters of the Royal Norwegian Navy. The Chief of Navy and the Navy Staff are based at Haakonsvern.
    • In addition there are several other camps and smaller naval bases along the Norwegian coast. The HNoMS Harald Haarfagre is the Navy's department at Camp Madla in Stavanger. It educates constables, department soldiers and all recruits for the Navy, the Air Force and a number of joint services.

The Norwegian Navy's equipment and materiel

See our materiel and small arms here.

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