The Royal Norwegian Air Force

The Air Force monitors, controls and protects Norwegian airspace.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force provides units and personnel for operations both in peacetime, crisis and war – in Norway and abroad. The Air Force conducts aerial surveillance, exercise of authority and ensures national sovereignty. The Air Force also operates Norway's search and rescue helicopters. The Chief of the Air Force, supported by the Air Staff, is responsible for force production and is bas​ed at Rygge, south-eastern Norway.

Throughout the 2020s, the Air Force is undergoing major restructuring. New bases are developing, and capacities like the F-35 fighter jets, P-8 Poseidon and the AW101 rescue helicopters are being implemented into the organisation.

Ørland Air Station is Norway's main F-35 base. The F-35 fleet will be fully operational in 2025, when Norway has received all its 52 aircraft. The implementation of F-35 will change the Norwegian Armed Forces fundamentally. Most of the F-35 operate from Ørland, while NATO’s Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) is carried out from Evenes Air Base in northern Norway.

From 2023 on, Norway’s current P-3 Orion maritime surveillance aircraft will be replaced by five new P-8 Poseidon. The new aircraft will operate from Evenes Air Base.

Station Group Gardermoen, north of Oslo, is home to Norway's C-130J Hercules transport aircraft, while Rygge Air Base and Bardufoss Air Station are home to the Bell 412 helicopters. The Air Force also operates Norway’s rescue helicopter service from various bases across the country.

Locations and bases

Ørland Air Station
The main hub for Norway's F-35.

Andøya Air Station
Base for Norway’s P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft. It is set to be replaced by Evenes Air Station from 2023 on, when the new P-8 Poseidon become operational.

Control and Reporting Centre Sørreisa
The CRC monitors and controls Norwegian airspace and provides updated recognised air pictures for the Armed Forces and NATO. Also runs an education and training centre.

Station Group Gardermoen
Home to the C-130J Hercules transportation aircraft and DA-20. The latter aircraft type will be phased out in 2023, when the P-8 MPAs will be operational.

Rygge Air Station
• Air Force Staff
• Helicopter unit with Bell 412 helicopters
• Air Force Operations Inspectorate
• Air Force Training Inspectorate 

The Norwegian Search and Rescue Service
Operated by the 330 Squadron. The main base is at Sola, with regional bases in Banak, Bodø, Ørland, Rygge, and the civil airport at Florø.

Bardufoss Air Station
• Air Force Flight Training School

Air Force School Centre Kjevik
Educates air force officers, specialists and technicians. Administered by the Norwegian Defence University College. The Air Force Flight Training School is based at Bardufoss and the Air Force Academy in Trondheim.


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