The Norwegian Special Forces

The Norwegian special forces consist of two departments: the Special Operations Commando and the Naval Special Operations Commando.

​​The Norwegian Special Operations Command (NORSOCOM) is a joint staff that runs the Armed Forces' two special forces: the Norwegian Special Operations Commando and the Norwegian Naval Special Operations Commando.

The Norwegian Special Operations Commando

Abbreviated FSK, selects, educates and trains paratroopers and SOF operators, and produces officers for the Norwegian Armed Forces. FSK is on both national and international standby for special operations and counter-terrorism operations. The FSK headquarters is located at Camp Rena, eastern Norway, but the Commando has several training facilities across the country.

The Norwegian Naval Special Operations Commando

Abbreviated MJK, is the Armed Forces' maritime special force and is an integrated part of modern military operations.

MJK​ solves tasks that require thorough planning, quick reaction, high precision and the ability to act independently. The Commando operates nationally and in international operations.

The MJK headquarters is located at Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen, western Norway. The Commando also has a department at Ramsund, northern Norway.