Soldater og befal fra Telemark bataljon får trent på mange forskjelige typer opperasjoner å med samhandlig med stridsvogner fra Telemark bataljon under øvelse i Lituaen som en del av NATO-opperasjonen  Enhanced Forward Presence  // Soldier from Norwegian Army Telemark battalion training in Lithuania during Enhanced Forward Presence

The Norwegian Army

The Army is Norway's military force for land warfare. Their main job is securing Norwegian land territories from any foreign threat.

The Norwegian Army is the largest branch in the Norwegian Armed Forces. The Chief of the Army and the Army Staff are based in Bardufoss, northern Norway. Bardufoss is also the home of Brigade Nord, the largest unit in the Norwegian Army. The Brigade has several battalions across Norway, including Telemark Battalion at Camp Rena, eastern Norway.

Further north, the Finnmark Land Command is in charge of safeguarding Norway's northernmost land territories and the land border to Russia. Southeastern Norway is home to several Army units and departments, including His Majesty The King's Guard in Oslo.

With modern and well-trained units all across Norway, the Army is ready to defend Norwegian territory at any time. The Army also deploys soldiers to international operations – from regular combat tasks, to guard and security duties, surveillance, training and other support functions.

Main operational capabilities

  • Brigade Nord: One independent mechanised brigade with brigade command and administrative staff, two mechanised combat battalions (Armoured Battalion and Telemark Battalion), one light armoured combat battalion (2nd Battalion), an artillery battalion, an engineer battalion, an intelligence battalion, a communications battalion, a combat service and support battalion, a medical battalion and a military police company.
  • Finnmark Land Command: Porsanger Battalion and the Border Guard, guarding the Norway–Russia border
  • His Majesty The King's Guard in Oslo
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