General Eirik Kristoffersen på sin første reise som forsvarssjef. Her på 133 luftving, Evenes. Generalen hilser på de ansatte og vernepliktige som arbeider på Evenes flystasjon.

Top commanders

The Chief of Defence exercises command over the Norwegian Armed Forces. The chief is supported by the Defence Staff and a military representative in NATO.

The Chief of Defence (CHoD) is the Defence Minister's top military adviser, and an integral part of the Ministry of Defence. The chief also exercises full command of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Military command authority is delegated to military commanders. The Chief of Defence is the country's highest ranked military official.

Forsvarssjef Eirik Kristoffersen

Chief of Defence

General Eirik Kristoffersen, born 1969 in Bjerkvik, northern Norway. He has held the position since 17 August 2020.

Before becoming Chief of Defence, Kristoffersen has had a long career in the Army and the Norwegian Special Forces. He has served as chief of the Home Guard and chief of the Army. The General started his military career in 1988.

The Defence Staff

The Defence Staff is the Chief of Defence's strategic staff and is responsible for the governance process and the development process in the Armed Forces. In addition, the department supports the Chief of Defence in his exercise of command and control as well as crisis management. The Staff is based in based in Oslo and has the following permanent departments:

  • Situation and Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Planning and Development
  • Finance and Management
  • Technology and ICT
  • HR and Competence
  • Investment
Ingrid Gjerde

Chief of the Defence Staff

Lieutenant General Ingrid Margrethe Gjerde, born 1968. As chief of the Defence Staff, she is also deputy commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Gjerde has many years of experience as an officer. She has held various positions in the Armed Forces and the Defence Staff, and was Force Commander for UNFICYP in Cyprus 2021–23.

Norwegian Military Representative to NATO

The Norwegian Military Representative to NATO (MMB) is the Norwegian Armed Forces' formal representation at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The department also looks after Norway's interests and participates in working groups and panels that work out the basis for decisions for NATO’s Military Committee and the North Atlantic Council.

Louise Dedichen

Chief of the Norwegian Military Representative to NATO 

Vice Admiral Louise Dedichen, born 1964. As chief, she is a permanent representative of NATO's Military Committee. She is also acts as the Chief of Defense's military representative to NATO and the European Union.

She is also an adviser on military matters and issues for the Norwegian ambassadors to NATO and the EU.

Dedichen has a long military career, and was chief of the Norwegian Defence University College from 2008 to 2019.