Alarmsentralen på Forsvarets senter for beskyttelse av kritisk infrastruktur (FSKI) på  Jørstadmoen/

Central at Jørstadmoen, for the protection of critical infrastructure

The Norwegian Cyber Defence

The Norwegian Armed Forces Cyber Defence runs, secures and protects the Armed Forces' communication systems and digital infrastructure.

The Cyber ​​Defence is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Armed Forces freedom of action in the digital domain. It also protects the Armed Forces' ICT systems against any digital threat from military and civilian actors.

The Cyber Defence provides other military departments with sensor and radar data. The department also runs and maintains the Armed Forces' jointly integrated management system (FIF). 

Its headquarters is located Camp Jørstadmoen, Lillehammer.​


  • Provide ICT services, command and control systems, and communication solutions to the Armed Forces' departments at home and abroad.
  • Operate and maintain the Armed Forces' nationwide communication infrastructure.
  • Educate and produce cutting-edge expertise, like military computer technicians and cyber operators.
  • Be a driving force for the digitalisation of the Armed Forces.
  • Detect needs and requirements for new ICT equipment in the Norwegian defence sector.


The Cyber Defence depends on cutting-edge technology and competent personnel to solve its missions. The organisation has conscripts, apprentices, military and civilian cyber engineers, liaison personnel, and operational military personnel

  • Cyber ​​Defence CIS Regiment (CCR)
  • Cybersecurity Centre (CSS)
  • Cyber ​​Defence Weapons School (CVS)
  • Cyber ​​Defence ICT Services (CIKT)
  • Cyber ​​Defence Base and Alarm Services (CBA)