Innsatsstyrke Derby fra HV-02, Oslo og Akershus heimevernsdistrikt i Lutvann leir i Oslo. Øvde i Tofte under sin første treningsperiode i 2018. Militære operasjoner i bebygde områder ble øvet på, med seg hadde de også underleggelser fra Kamp og støttekompaniet i 2. bataljon i Brig N med termiske kapasiteter. / QRF Derby during an exersise

The Norwegian Home Guard

The Home Guard has 40,000 soldiers all over the country. They serve as a quick mobilisation force for the Armed Forces.

The Home Guard is a a vital part of Norway’s military first line of defence. ​​​​​​​Its main tasks are safeguarding territorial integrity, strengthening military presence, and protecting important infrastructure.

With extensive local knowledge, the Home Guard can support in national crisis management and assist in major events like natural disasters, accidents, and search and rescue operations.

The Home Guard has 40,000 soldiers distributed on eleven regional districts. Most of the personnel are soldiers who have been transferred after completing 12 months of initial service. The Home Guard also has several rapid-reaction intervention forces consisting of 3,000 voluntarily recruited and well-trained soldiers.

The Chief of the Home Guard and the Home Guard Staff are based at Camp Terningmoen in eastern Norway. The Home Guard also has its own training centre at Dombås, providing education and courses for its own personnel.