Medaljeseremoni RECSYR


Our troops do an important job when serving for the Armed Forces and Norway. Medals are tokens of appreciation for their service.

Medals are a visible proof of recognition, and the Armed Forces’ way of honouring and thanking our personnel for their service.

The Norwegian Armed Forces have three categories of medals:

Category 1: Bravery medals, also called combat decorations. These medals are awarded individually for special efforts during a single event. Recipients must be nominated, but anyone can nominate a candidate.

Category 2: Participant medals. These medals are awarded​ personnel who have served in an operation area over a certain period of time. Duration of and requirements are defined in the statutes of each individual medal. For service abroad, medals are normally awarded when returning from the operation area.

Category 3: Merit medals. These medals can be awarded for efforts far beyond what is expected, or for long and faithful service. ​​