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NATO Staff Officers Cold Weather Operations Webinar

Centre of Excellence Cold Weather Operations has the pleasure to invite NATO and Pfp nations to attend the NATO Staff Officer Cold Weather Operations Webinar.

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom (unclassified) from 2nd to 3rd of November 2022, 1500-2000 CET.


The main objective of the webinar is to enhance the participants’ knowledge, understanding and ability to plan and conduct operations and logistical support in cold weather environments.

This year’s webinar will focus on operations with temperatures around freezing point and just below.

The presentations will mainly focus on brigade and battalion level to present Norwegian best practice on cold weather operations.

Prerequisite of attendance

Primary audience on the webinar are officers and NCOs involved in planning and execution of cold weather operations at land tactical level. As all lectures are in English the attendants must be proficient in the language. 

This webinar holds up to 90 seats for primary participants. It is encouraged to be several personnel around each account. 

Request for attendance

Submit request for attendance to:  [email protected] by 01 October 2022.
Submission should contain:

  • Name and rank
  • Nationality
  • Unit and functional area
  • Mail address for contact and Zoom link (unclassified)
  • Phone number
  • Number of participants per account if more than one

Registered participants will receive webinar program and connection details no later than
15 October 22.  


Jo Haugom


Director Centre of Excellence Cold Weather Operations



NATO Staff Officer Cold Weather Operations Webinar

Request for attendance