Heimevernet under øvelse / The Norwegian Home Guard during an exercise

Weather and climate

How do you dress for a long day out in the cold? And how do you avoid frostbites? See our tips below.

Norway is a long, rugged country with fjords, steep mountains and narrow valleys. The weather is reflected in Norway's varied landscape. During summer, the temperature easily reaches 30 °C (90 ℉) in parts of the country, while during winter the temperature can go as low as –50 °C (–60 ℉) in some areas.

Dealing with cold weather
To get the most out of the exercise, you should take certain precautions. To maintain your body temperature at all times and to be equipped for the cold weather, you should know what to wear and what to eat and drink. See our tips below.


Gardistene i Hans Majestet Kongens Garde er nøye med å jobbe i vått og hvile i tørt. 


The guardsmen from HMKG are thurough with working in wet and resting in dry clothes

Frostbite can occur even if the temperature is above zero. The symptoms are moderate pain and a tingling sensation in the skin. The skin turns white and hard. To prevent frostbite, replace wet clothes with dry clothes and keep all body parts warm.

Wool clothing

Kvinnelig vaktsoldat fra BrigN på vinterøvelsen Cold Response 2020

To keep warm, you should wear a layer of wool next to your skin. It is better to wear several thin layers than one thick layer. Always wear a windproof jacket and trousers on the outside. Use braces/suspenders instead of a belt for better air circulation.

Cover hands

Soldat fra Forsvarets høgskole cyber ingeniør skole på vinter øvelse i Norge

Do not touch any metal objects without first covering your hands. Always use windproof woolen mittens.

Protect face

Heimevernssoldat under en øvelse/ Soldier from the Home Guard during an exercise

Do not go out into the cold right after shaving or washing your face. This is because soap and water deplete the layer of fat on your skin. You should use Vaseline or some other hydrating cream before going out in the cold.

Dry feet

Soldatene som møtte til grenaderopptaket for -en blir sjekket for frost- og fuktskader på føtter av puljeføreren sin før neste oppgave. // Selection course for the Norwegian Army's enlisted personnel

Keep your feet clean, dry and warm. Keep a few extra pairs of socks in your bag to wear at night.

Drink water

Rekrutter fra Cyberforsvarets base- og alarmtjenester (CBA) under deres beretløp i november 2017. // Recruits from the Norwegian Armed Forces Cyber Defence Garrison Support and Response Services during their

To avoid dehydration, you should drink at least 2.5 litres (84 oz.) of water a day.

Eat Food

Kandidater ved Forsvarets opptak og seleksjon vinter 2019.

Heat your food and drinks – it keeps you warm. Eating just before going to sleep, keeps your body temperature higher during the night.

Reindeer and moose

Reinsdyrflokk under øvelse Joint Viking 2017. // Reindeer herd during exercise Joint Viking 2017.

These animals are usually grazing or moving from place to place in search of food. They must not be disturbed. Slow down and keep as far away from them as possible.


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