I førstegangstjeneste

Universal Conscription

In January 2015 Norway introduced conscription for both genders. Norway is the first NATO country to do so.

​​Women have long played an important role in the Norwegian Armed Forces. Now they play an even more important role, as the military conscription in Norway includes both genders from 2015.

The chief is satisfied

In June 2013 the Norwegian Parliament made a principal resolution to introduce female conscription. 14 October 2014 Parliament passed the new law, making conscription for both genders Norwegian law as of January 2015. Norway is the first NATO country to do so.

"The new law means equal rights and duties for men and women. In this way the Armed Forces will reflect the Norwegian society in a better way," says Norwegian Chief of Defence, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen.

He says female conscription will strengthen the Armed Forces:

"Now we have twice as many people to choose from. This will make it easier to direct motivated personnel and the right expertise to our different tasks and positions," says Bruun-Hanssen, and adds:

"Women in the Norwegian Armed Forces is nothing new, so for us this is only a natural development. For several years we have worked to increase the share of women, and with great results. I am sure the new law will speed up this process", says the Chief of Defence.

Today 14 per cent of the soldiers in the initial military service are women. This percentage is set to grow over the next years.

In 2014 the Special Forces also created an all-female troop, called Jegertroppen (Hunter's troop). This is a test project, but the experiences so far are very good. The project has also attracted a lot of attention from Norway's partners and allies.