Media bank

Our media bank contains photos and video of our activites at home and abroad.

As of March 2023, we are establishing a new media bank. This bank will contain photos and video from exercise Joint Viking 2023. Older images will be available in due course.

Terms of use

The media bank is managed by the Norwegian Armed Forces Communication (FKOM) and is used for external and internal purposes by journalists, researchers, officials, and employees in the Armed Forces.

  • All our photos can be used for free for non-commercial and non-political purposes​. You must, however, follow good customs of journalism, and the pictures must be credited: "Photographer's name/Norwegian Armed Forces".
  • Our photos cannot be manipulated or altered without consent from the Norwegian Armed Forces Communication.
  • Our photos cannot be stored in third party databases.
Media Bank
Photos and video from March 2023 and onwards.
Photo archive
Photos and video from before March 2023.