Norwegian Armed Forces enhance presence around Norwegian oil and gas installations

After the Norwegian Government's decision to increase the readiness on the Norwegian continental shelf, Norwegian Armed Forces have enhanced there presence offshore and onshore.

Norwegian Armed Forces are present and patrolling with assets on land, in the air, at sea, under water and in cyberspace. Images from some of our missions are now available.

The Royal Norwegian Navy is in dialogue with its partners to coordinate security and readiness measures in Norwegian waters. Several maritime assets are put in force to support the heightened security and readiness on the Norwegian shelf.  

The Royal Norwegian Air Force is conducting frequent patrols with F-35 fighter jets, both from Ørland Air Base and the Quick Reaction Alert from Evenes Air Base. Earlier in October, aircraft patrolled Norwegian territory, including the oil and gas facilities at Draugen and Heidrun Oil field.

The Norwegian Armed Forces will not provide any details about what specific measures the Norwegian emergency readiness agencies have put in force. Knowledge about these measures makes it easier for an actor to avoid them, and in next place reducing the overall security. 

Norwegian Armed Forces monitor all activity in our area of responsibility, and have a good overview of the activity through our daily operations. We are in close dialogue with our partners. 

We keep a vigilant eye on the situation and have close dialogue with the Norwegian police in order to share and uphold common situational understanding. We keep supporting the Norwegian police, and look into how we further can contribute to further support the security and readiness on the shelf.