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Writing Session « Mountain Warfare Allied Tactical Publication- ATP»

From 20-23 April 2021 Centre of Excellence Cold Weather Operations (COE CWO) supported NATO Mountain Warfare COE (MW COE) on their tactical publication development.

In connection with the Specific Environment Panel (SEP) meeting, MW COE conducted a writing session for three days on their ATP

MW COE is custodian for this NATO Doctrine and summoned subject matter experts (SME) to contribute with academic content on chapter 1-4.

The work has been going on for several years, and the agenda for this writing session was to approve the three first chapters and give comments on chapter four.

Chapter 1-3 was developed during a writing session that MW COE conducted in NOV 2020 where COE CWO supported with several representatives. After the work in November, the chapters have been adjusted according to feedback from by SMEs (about 114 suggestions).

Chapter 4 was divided into three topics.  Every SME had the topic for reading in the evening and gave feedback via digital Zoom meeting with MW COE the next day. MW COE will adjust the content of the chapter according to input given, and a new version will be finalized 6-7 July.

It is important for COE CWO to contribute in this type of writing sessions because when you write about operations in mountainous terrain you need to prepare on how to handle cold weather environment as well. COE CWO is about to start up their own process to develop a tactical publication on how to conduct operations in cold weather environment. Being a part of MW COE’s writing sessions has also been a process-learning arena for COE CWO.