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Our website use different cookies for different purposes. Some of them are neccesary, some are for statistics and some are for marketing.

The first time you visit our website you will be asked to either approve our use of cookies, or you can turn off all non-essential cookies and continue using our site. These settings can be changed on this page. Just click on the "change cookie settings" button.

Our website cookies

  1. On this website we use Statistics cookies for our use of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics we can analyse our visitor traffic, to see what parts of our website is more or less visitited, what our users search for and how much time our users spend on different pages. With this information we can improve our website.

  2. We use Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel cookies for marketing purposes. If you are in our target audience we can give more relevant ads to our audience on Google or Facebook plattforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google search or YouTube.

  3. Our website use embedded YouTube-videos as a primary video player. To watch our videoes you have to accept the YouTube-cookies. These cookies help give our YouTube-account statistics on how much and how long users watch our videos.

  4. Our media archive use the open source statistics tool Matomo to analyse traffic, number and types of serches and downdloads. Matomo tracks this traffic anonymously.