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Karen-Anna Eggen

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
PhD Fellow

Karen-Anna Eggen is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies and is affiliated with the Centre for International Security. She is writing her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Oslo, focusing on Russian information confrontation and information operations in the Nordic region.

She also holds a master's degree from UiO (2016). Before her doctorate, Eggen worked as a Researcher and Program Coordinator for the research program Security and Defense in Northern Europe (SNE).

She has previously worked as an adviser in the Norwegian Atlantic Committee and has had various engagements at the Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Eggen has studied Russian in Belarus and Russia. She was also an exchange student at St. Olaf College (Minnesota), studying political science and the Russian language and history.

Eggen was involved in the start-up and sits on the editorial board of Stratagem, an online platform for discussion and debate on defense and security policy, focusing on contributions from young professionals.

    • Russian strategy and security policy.
    • Information operations.
    • The Nordic region and Norwegian security policy
    • Transatlantic relations and NATO
    • Security policy in Eastern Europe, with particular interest in Ukraine and Belarus.