Grostad, Kristin_Forsk7_Kristin Lerfald Gros

Kristin Lerfald Grostad

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
Research Scientist

(1990) Kristin Lerfald Grostad has an MA in International Security from Sciences Po, Paris (2015), and a BA in IR-theory from the University of Nottingham in England. She has previously worked as an intern at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo (2016), and as an advisor at the department for Security Policy and Operations at the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (2019–2021). Additionally, she has several years of experience as an entrepreneur in Bergen where she started and ran her own company under the wings of Vestlandets Innovasjonsselskap (VIS) (2017–2019).  

Ms. Grostad was hired as a researcher at the Institute for Defence Studies in 2022, where she will complete a project on the changing balance of power in the East-China Sea and how this affects the division of labor in the security cooperation between the US and Japan.