Haaland, Torunn

Torunn Laugen Haaland

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
Phone: 99094170

​​​(b. 1967) Cand. polit. with major in political science, University of Oslo (1995). Research fellow at IFS since March 2000. Main focus of research: Norway's participation in military operations abroad since 1990, civil-military relations, military culture, defence reform, and Norwegian security and defence policy in an international context. Defended her PhD thesis (”Small Forces with a Global Outreach. Role Perceptions in the Norwegian Armed Forces after the Cold War”) at the University of Oslo, February 2008. Haaland is teaching at the Norwegian Defence University College and the University of Oslo, Peace and conflict studies. Her current research focuses on experienced-based learning in the Norwegian Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

    • international operations
    • military sociology
    • civil-military relations
    • war commemoration
    • Norwegian defence and security policy