Portrett H-21 Haga Lars Peder_Lars Peder Haga

Lars Peder Haga

Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy (RNoAFA)
Associate professor

(b. 1975), PhD in Soviet history from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 2011. He has been at the Air Force Academy since 2011, where he has taught modern history, international policy formation, national crisis management and Air Power, since 2014 with emphasis on the relationship between technology and air power. He has researched Russian air power and military power.

Haga is together with Dr Ole Jørgen Maaø one of the main authors of the Norwegian Air Power Doctrine (2018), and a contributor to the national Joint Operations Doctrine (2019).

He has developed and managed a series of training scenarios for the Academy. 

    • Russian air power and military power, doctrine and operations 
    • Air power and air operations 
    • Area studies and mental mapping 
    • Intelligence, surveillance and deterrence