Oberstløytnant Dag Henriksen ved Luftkrigsskolen i Trondheim./Lieutenant Colonel Dag Henriksen at the Air Force Academy in Trondheim.

Dag Henriksen

Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy (RNoAFA)
Lieutenant Colonel with professorial competence

(b. 1971). Dag Henriksen is a Lt Col, and Head of research and development at the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy. He has operational background from air battle management, and served in NATO operations in the Baltics (Baltic Accession) in 2005 and in Afghanistan (ISAF HQ) in 2007. He served as an exchange officer to the US Air Force Research Institute (AFRI), Maxwell AFB, in 2012. He has a PhD in military studies from the University of Glasgow, UK, and has published NATO's Gamble: Combining Diplomacy and Airpower in the Kosovo Crisis, 1998-1999 (2007); Wilhelm Mohr. On WWII (2009); Airpower in Afghanistan 2005-2010. The Air Commanders' Perspectives (2013); Political Rationale and International Consequences of the War in Libya (2016). He is a graduate of the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College in Oslo (2009–10), and Sjefskurset in 2018. He became a professor in 2015.