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Marit Horgen

Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College
Leadership developer
Lieutenant colonel

Marit Horgen has a project position at the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College (NDUC). She is a subject matter expert in leadership and leadership development. Her main task is to support educational programs at NDUC. She also provides general support to the armed forces in leadership development issues.

Horgen has an educational background from the Norwegian armed forces and the Norwegian School of Sport Science, combining the subjects of sport, leadership and organizational psychology.

Horgen has during the last twenty years worked full time with leader- and leadership development issues. She has been employed by the armed forces, the National Police Directorate and AFF at Norwegian School of Economics respectively.

During her practical work with leaders, teams and groups, Horgen emphasizes the connection to the actual context of operation. She is also concerned with the issues of understanding the culture and rational represented at strategic, operational and tactical level.

    • Development of leadership groups and management teams
    • Leadership and management developement
    • Coaching and guidance of leaders