Profil_Sebastian Langvad

Sebastian Langvad

Norwegian Military Academy

Major Sebastian Langvad began his career at the Norwegian Defence School for Intelligence and Security, specializing in Arabic language and the Middle East. He then served at the patrol level in the Intelligence Battalion, including two deployments to Afghanistan. 

During the Mililitary Academy, he shifted his focus from intelligence to combat units. He went on to become a rifle platoon leader in the 2nd Infantry Battalion. This was followed by a deployment to the Middle East, where he had the opportunity to utilize his language and area expertise in close collaboration with local partners. 

Both as a staff officer in the 2nd Battalion and as the commander of the Ranger Company at the Norwegian Border Guard in Finnmark, Sebastian immersed himself in planning and preparations for national defense in Northern Norway. Here, he placed particular emphasis on cooperation with the Home Guard and the overall Total Defense concept. 

In research and academic work, Sebastian has two distinct areas of focus: (1) land military doctrine development, and (2) military contributions to peacekeeping and state-building in vulnerable states. He has been an active contributor to the national professional discourse in both of these areas.