Laugen_1_Frank Tore Laugen

Frank Tore Laugen

Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (RNoNA)
PhD Fellow
Commander Senior Grade, PhD student

Frank Tore Laugen (b. 1972) is Head Teacher of Process Management and Finance at the Norwegian Defence University College/Naval Academy.

In addition to being a head teacher, he is completing a doctorate, which is carried out at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science. The theme of the research is "The role of business and financial management in the Norwegian Armed Forces' innovation processes".

Laugen has financial- and business management expertise at various levels in the Norwegian Armed Forces, and operational experience from tactical to operational level. Commander sg. Laugen has served in the Army, the Navy, Joint Operational Headquarters, joint departments, the Home Guard, the Defense Staff and has international service from Afghanistan.

Laugen has both civilian and military education, including:

  • Civil, (1) Master of Science in Business Administration, (2) Master of Science in Public Administration, (3) Bachelor in auditing.
  • Military, (1) The Advanced officer course course in joint operations, (2) The Officers Staff school part I, (3) The Naval school part I & II, (4) The National logistics course, (5) The Long course for maritime operations, (6) The Command school for the Army’s communication systems

In addition to teaching at the Norwegian Naval Academy, Commander sg. Laugen is a contributor to other departments where there is a need for expertise in financial and business management.