Amund Lundesgaard

Amund Nørstrud Lundesgaard

Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College
Associate professor

(b. 1981) PhD in history from the University of Oslo spring 2017. Master in History from the University of Oslo spring 2009.  

Since 2009, Lundesgaard has been studying the U.S. Navy's strategic priorities after the Cold War, which was also the topic of his PhD.  

At the moment, Lundesgaard is working on topics related to the development of new operational concepts in the U.S., such as Multi-Domain Operations, Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations, and Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment. 

    • US military doctrine
    • US defence and security policy
    • US Marine Corps
    • US Navy
    • sea-power theory
    • counterinsurgency
    • military strategy and theory