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Bjørn E. Mobech-Hanssen

Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College
PhD candidate/Scholarship holder

Bjørn E. Mobech-Hanssen is a PhD candidate at Norwegian Defence University College/Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College, and University of Oslo.

He is educated from Norwegian Military Academy, Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College and Østfold University College, and holds a Cand. Polit. (Master equivalent) degree in political science from The Arctic University of Norway.

Mobech-Hanssen has his work experience from the Norwegian Army, Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, varying military sector ICT projects, and recently Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies. Mobech-Hanssen has international experience from both UN missions and NATO operations.

    • Planning, leading and execution of military joint operations
    • Reforms in military sector
    • Digitalization in military sector
    • Defence planning
    • International operations