Carsten F. Rønnfeldt

Norwegian Military Academy

Carsten Rønnfeldt is professor at the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC)/Norwegian Military Academy (NMA) where he teaches International Relations and military power, Norwegian security policy, strategic communication and War-and-society.

Rønnfeldt holds a PhD in International Relations from London School of Economics. He was a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) before he was employed at the NMA in 1999. Previously, he worked for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Handicap Internationale, Catholic Relief Services and the Danish Refugee Council.

His main research interests are armed conflicts from the perspective of international affairs, the interface between politics and military power, and professional military education. He has led several research and development projects and is deputy leader of an association of military and civilian professional educational institutions that apply for research grants to increase knowledge about the learning potentials of exercises, games, and simulations.

He is responsible for the NDUC/NMA’s 15-ECTS course “Context Landoperations” (OPS2201). He participates in NATO’s Professional Certification Task Force which forms part of the alliance’s Science and Technology Organization, and which seeks to enhance NATO’s expertise in the field of modelling, simulations, and war games. He has been a member of the NMA’s leadership group, head of NMA’s research and development programme, and played a key role during NMA’s three educational reforms in 2005, 2012 and 2018.

    • International Relations
    • Professional military education
    • Educational wargames
    • Military power and force
    • Strategic communication
    • Norwegian defence and security policy