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Tobias Sæther

Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College
Research Scientist

Tobias is researcher at a project on Ukraine at the Command and Staff College. He is an historian educated at the Free and Humboldt Universities of Berlin (M.A., global history). Tobias also holds bachelor’s degrees in European Studies, with a minor in political science (University of Oslo and University of Munich) and history (University of Oslo). 

Tobias´s ongoing Ukraine research lays at the intersection between Ukrainian internal reform and Russian (attempts at) influence in Ukraine. For the time being, he analyses competing interpretations of the driving forces of the war in Ukraine, and Russian influence attempts. Tobias has also researched Norwegian and German policy towards Russia. Furthermore, he has published essays on Ukrainian identity, Russian aims in Ukraine and German security policy (with Robin Allers).  

Tobias takes an interest in broad historical processes. His master thesis on the Russo-Japanese War looked at the role of ideologies in shaping European world views and perceptions of non-Europeans at the turn of the 19th century.   

Previously, Tobias worked as an intern at the Norwegian embassy in Berlin. He has a background as a semi-professional mountain biker and junior and U23 athlete at the Norwegian national team. 


    • Ukrainian domestic politics and identity
    • Russian-Ukrainian relations
    • Security policy and NATO-Russia relations
    • The annexation of Crimea and the Russian-Ukrainian War (since 2014)
    • German security policy and German-Norwegian relations
    • East Asia-Europe relations historically, perceptions of «the other»