Christina Stokkeland

Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy (RNoAFA)

Christina Stokkeland is an Air Force major (OF-3) and senior lecturer at the Norwegian Defence University College/Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy. She lectures on Leadership and Management processes and skills in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Major Stokkeland’s experience includes more than 35 years as an officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces. She has previously held leadership positions in logistics and management at Air Force units. Her career includes extensive experience in lecturing and research within the Norwegian Armed Forces educational system. Major Stokkeland has also served with NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Major Stokkeland has attended the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy, and the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College. She also holds a postgraduate (MA) degree in management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Her research thesis covered the relationship between the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy pedagogical framework impacted the performance of officer graduates serving in alliance or international operations.

Since 2012 Stokkeland has been in charge of The Norwegian Armed Forces` Mentor Program – a leadership development program with mentoring for military top executives. The programme is intended to develop leaders and leadership processes in the Armed Forces' higher leadership level. Between 2005 and 2012 Major Stokkeland was head of Base Camp – the Norwegian Armed Forces training programme for civilian and military mid-level management. From 2012-2018 she still had an active role in this training programme. She has developed and taught a number of courses within the Norwegian Armed Forces educational system.

In collaboration with Kåre Inge Skarsvåg, she has developed and for several years taught the following topic (for cadets) "Coaching as a practical foundation for leadership" (15 credits points)

Major Stokkeland also has long and extensive experience providing leadership development and mentorship support and guidance to active-duty officers and units of the Norwegian Armed Forces.


    • Leadership and development of leaders, leadership skills and leadership processes
    • Development and fostering of a culture of learning within the Norwegian Armed Forces
    • Mentoring and coaching as a pedagogical tool for development of individuals, groups and organizations.
    • Development and application of mentoring methodology in organizations.
    • The development of stress prevention and stress management skills
    • Suicide prevention and mental health awareness within the Norwegian Armed Forces and civil society. Certified instructor.
    • Certified for various tools for use in leadership development (example; MIL 360, IDI - Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory and JTI - Jungian type index).