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Tor Ivar Strømmen

Royal Norwegian Naval Academy (RNoNA)
PhD Fellow

(b.1972) Commander Tor Ivar Strømmen presently researches seapower theory in a coastal state/small state perspective and teach, supervise, and research strategy, seapower theory, naval operational art, naval history and defence planning. 

Strømmen is a historian, but also trained in naval engineering, and is a graduate from the Norwegian Naval Academy. He has 15 years of operational service in the Norwegian Navy, having served on FPB’s, on frigates, in SNMG1, and as N3 in the Norwegian Navy. His military education includes Royal Navy’s Maritime Warfare Course (at HMS Collingwood), AEGIS training with the US Navy (Surface Warfare Centre Dahlgren), the Long Tactical Course of the Norwegian Navy, and has training in intelligence. His operational service has mostly been related to planning, execution, and evaluation of naval operations, and there to C4ISR. Since 2014 he has served in the Seapower section at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy as senior lecturer naval operations. 

Since 2016 Strømmen has been involved in a number of national and international research projects related to seapower and naval strategy, but he also been a key contributor to developing war gaming as a training tool at the Naval Academy. He has written several chapters in books related to his research, both in English and Norwegian. His latest contribution was two chapters in the 2021 book «Militærmakt i nord». 

Strømmen is an active and widely used public debater and lecturer, and an expert commentator in national and regional media.  

    • Military strategy 

    • Military theory and especially seapower theory 

    • History of war 

    • Political history 

    • Naval operational art 

    • International relations 

    • Defence planning