Norwegian Armed Forces and the war in Ukraine

In February 2022, Russia executed a full-scale invasion on Ukraine. We have summarised some information on how the war in Ukraine affects the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Early morning on 24 February 2022, Russia carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. With these actions, Russia is responsible for the most devastating security crisis in Europe since World War II. The ways of the war are indescribably horrid for Ukraine, the country and its people, and the consequences reaches far beyond the Ukrainian borders.

The war has a global cost, and it shapes the security landscape in Europe and Norway significantly. The Norwegian government and Armed Forces assess the situation continuously. We have implemented several measures in line with our allies and partners to support Ukraine. Here are some of the actions taken so far: 

  • Military training of Ukrainian soldiers through the British initiative Operation Interflex. This operation continues on throughout 2023. The number of instructors has been increased from 75 to 150. In late April 2023, the Home Guard extended this training to Norwegian territory. From a military camp in central Norway, the Home Guard personnel teach and instruct Ukrainian personnel in fieldcraft skills, sharp shooting, patrol leadership and first aid.
  • The Norwegian government decided to donate eight Leopard 2A4 tanks and up to four support vehicles to Ukraine. The donation was carried out in close cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces and reached Ukraine in March 2023.
  • A number of Norwegian instructors participate in a multi-national contribution to teach Ukrainian soldiers how to safely clear away explosives and EODs. This is an Icelandic initiative and will take place in Lithuania throughout 2023.
  • Medical airborne evacuation of wounded and ill Ukrainians. Medic personnel onboard a civilian aircraft has, by July 2023, evacuated more that 1,500 Ukrainian patients and familiy from Poland to different hospitals in Europe, including Norway. This mission is ongoing throughout 2023.
  • The Norwegian government continues to donate military equipment and weapons to Ukraine. As of summer 2023, Norway has amongst other things donated 4000 M72 light anti-armour weapons, 22 M109 artillery guns, 14 armoured IVECO vehicles, Black Hornet micro drones, around 160 Hellfire missiles, and equipment such as helmets, vests and field rations. In January 2023, Norway donated an additional 10,000 artillery grenades, and in April another 8,000 artillery rounds together wither Denmark. For a complete list, go to the Ministry of Defence.
  • The NATO mission in Lithuania, Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP), was reinforced by 50 Norwegian soldiers in 2022. The government has decided to extend the Norwegian contribution of about 150 troops throughout 2024
  • The Norwegian Defence University College has intensified its educational cooperation with the National Defence University of Ukraine, especially within digital education. 
  • Norwegian Armed Forces shortened its readiness on 1 November 2022 across the country. For instance, an increased presence at sea, patrolling more subsurface and surface, and through airborne surveillance.