Kart over Ukraina

Ukraine Research Program

Project period
1. Aug 2020 -
21. Apr 2025
Project owner
Norwegian Defence University College
Project manager
Røseth, Tom
Organization unit
Norwegian Defence University College
Russian occupation
European security
Hybrid warfare
Russian operations
The Norwegian Defence Univerity College
Ministry of Defence
Research Council of Norway (RCN)

The Ukraine research program at the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC) provides knowledge and research on Ukraine and Russian military and non-military operations in Ukraine.

From small-scale war, annexation and "hybrid" war to full invasion and full-spectrum operations. The purpose of the program’s research is to bring forth knowledge about:

  • Russian military and non-military instruments and military operations towards Ukraine from 2014 and onwards, especially in the context of the 2022 invasion.
  • How Ukraine responds to Russian strategies and builds resistance.
  • Relevance for Europe and Norway – Ukrainian experiences that can help strengthen European and Norwegian resilience and doctrines.


The program consists of the international research project Contested Ukraine (funding: The Norwegian Research Council) and the research and development collaboration Total Defense between a team from various departments at NDUC and the National Defence University College of Ukraine (NDUU) (funding: Norwegian Ministry of Defence).

  1. Håvard Bækken forsker IFS

    Håvard Bækken

    Senior Research Scientist

    Eggen, Karen-Anna_Forsk4

    Karen-Anna Eggen

    PhD Fellow

    Gjelsten Trude M., ansattbilde_Trude Marielle Gjels

    Trude Marielle Gjelsten

    Academic assistant

    Portrett H-21 Haga Lars Peder_Lars Peder Haga

    Lars Peder Haga

    Associate professor

    Kjeksrud, Stian

    Stian Kjeksrud

    Associate professor

    Ina Holst-Pedersen Kvam_V2

    Ina Holst-Pedersen Kvam


    Tore Listou

    Tore Listou

    Associate professor


    Amund Osflaten


    Røset, Tom

    Tom Røseth

    Associate professor

    Sæther, Tobias_4

    Tobias Sæther

    Research Scientist

    Ulriksen, Ståle1

    Ståle Ulriksen

    University college lecturer
    Phone: 41686072

    Njord Wegge

    Njord Wegge

    Phone: +4790562578