Courses and education

Through our courses and seminars, we offer specialised training and education for operating in cold weather.

The Education and Training branch (E&T) provides support and offers specialised training and education in order to enhance the general knowledge and to increase combat effectiveness when operating in an arctic or cold weather environment.

E&T is prepared to accommodate a variety of requirements – from individual to unit level as certification, courses and seminars using the knowledge of all branches in the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as from allied and partner nations.

We have a standard Basic Cold Weather Unit Training programme. It is a basic programme and is designed for units with little, or no, cold weather experience. The overall aim of this programme is to establish the basic routines for operations in cold weather and give the unit basic knowledge of how to fight and maintain combat readiness in a cold climate.

The training consists of a four week programme. The first week focuses on the staff, NCO and medic training and preparations, and the last three weeks are for unit training. Trough the training, the Unit will acquire knowledge and skills on utilising their own combat techniques in winter conditions. They will also be able to use their weapon platforms as well as maintain them. The end state is that the unit is ready to start field integration training with other allied units in a cold environment. 

Our courses

Centre of Excellence – Cold Weather Operations offers a diversity of cold weather courses. Some courses run annually, some biennial and some by request. The courses are open for students from NATO and partner in nations.

Course programme 2023–2024

  • NATO Engineer Winter Webinar
    21 September 2023
  • NATO Cold Weather Survival Webinar
    26 September 2023
  • NATO Medic Winter Webinar
    28 September 2023
  • NATO Patrol Winter Webinar
    3 October 2023
  • NATO Staff Officer Winter Webinar
    5 October 2023
  • NATO Cold Weather Survival Instructor Course 
    30 October–14 November 2023
  • NATO Cold Weather Combat Medic Instructor Course 
    28 November–13 December 2023
  • NATO Winter Instructor Course
    8 January–2 February 2024
  • NATO Avalanche Warning Course
    13–23 February 2024
  • Light Vehicle Mobility Course
    18–22 March 2024
  • NATO Staff Officer Winter Course
    2–12 April 2024
  • NATO Avalanche Rescue Instructor Course
    22–26 April 2024

Centre of Excellence Cold Weather Operations

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