126 ansatte hedret for sin innsats under FN-operasjonen MINUSMA i Mali. De ble tildelt Forsvarets operasjonsmedalje Mali. Det var en verdig og fin seremoni, hvor detasjementet fikk velfortjent heder for sin innsats for FN.

Norwegian Defence International Centre

The Norwegian Defence International Centre (NODEFIC) is a knowledge- and training centre offering expertise and individual training on UN- and NATO operations.

NODEFIC provide global partners with a broad variety of fundamental skills and the understanding required to succeed in complex peace support operations and other multinational operations. Each year we welcome students from all over the world to our courses in UN and NATO logistics and UN operations.

Apply for courses

  1. You must have completed the pre-study packages before the online digital training begins. The application deadline is usually 3 weeks before each online digital training starts. Confirmed online digital training admission will be issued from NODEFIC approximately 2 days after the application date, to the individual participant.

    NODEFIC may cancel the online digital training if there are less than 8 participants. 

    If you experience any problems, please send an email to [email protected]

  2. All our courses are described in the NORDEFCO course catalogue. The timing for each course (both digital training and traditional courses) are listed in the NODEFIC course schedule. You will find the links to these two documents higher up on our web page.

    Please note that the logistic courses require participation at NODEFIC online digital training prior to the course in Oslo, Norway.

    Links to the training descriptions:


    We open up to receive applications no later than 3 months before the course starts. The application deadline is usually 8 weeks before.

    If you experience any problems, please send an email to [email protected]

Our pre-study packages
NODEFIC has developed pre-study packages with the intention of creating a basic logistical level of knowledge before attending our courses or the online digital training.

Human security and the military role


Visit our course page to attend our video-course "Human security and the military role". Learn about new military guidance on how to protect civilians from violence in armed conflict.

Through 12 video-lessons you will gain new insights on how to utilise military force most effectively to protect civilians.