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Protection of Civilians: A threat-based approach

Empower the protection of civilians: innovative use of new insights in military planning and impactful measurement of results.

Overview of the threat-based approach 

Colonel (R) Petter H. F. Lindqvist and Associate Professor Stian Kjeksrud (Ph.D.) explain the threat-based approach and the underlying research behind the model and how it can be used in support of military planning. 

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    Introduction to the threat based approach and the Protection of civilians VR Course (click on the image to watch the video).


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  2. The online Human security and the military role found at protectingcivilians.com gives a good foundation to complete the VR Course. Focus should be on lessons 4 - 7

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    The overarching set of questions for the course can be found here (click on the image to see the PDF): 

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  3. You get to experience two different perspectives of the conflict in Suania. One as a victim and one as a perpetrator. Click on the images to watch the videos.

    Session 1 (PDF):


     Session 2 (PDF):



  4. This step is a liaison exercise to further develop your knowledge and understanding of the conflict. Click on the image to watch the video. Read the PDF here.




  5. Here you get an overview of of the conflict in the form of clues on a map. This is a multiplayer session that gives you the opportunity to plan on how to best protect civilians together with others. Click on the image to watch the video. Read the PDF here.



  6. Debrief and discussion on experiences from the scenario. Click on the image to watch the video.

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  7. Please contact us at info@nodefic.org