Opdal, Ingrid_

Ingerid Maria Opdahl

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
Associate professor
Head of the Centre for Security Policy

Dr Ingerid M. Opdahl, assistant professor, joined IFS in 2004. PhD from the University of Birmingham (2015); Cand. Polit. in political science from the University of Oslo (2004); MSc Russian and Post-Soviet studies from the London School of Economics and political science (2000).

Head of the Centre for Security Policy at the IFS (2021–).

Dr Opdahl participates in the Rusecopol project (2019–21), financed by the Norwegian Research Council and managed by Jardar Ostbo, IFS. Rusecopol project pages.

Her forthcoming book The Russian State and Russian Energy Companies, 1992–2018 (Routledge, 2020) analyses relations between Russian energy companies and the Russian state at home and in the other post-Soviet states. Link to book page at Routledge.

Teaching experience (Norwegian Defence University College): Russian foreign policy. Research methods (course convenor, graduate level 2016–20).

Dr Opdahl is an elected representative of academic staff to the Board of the Norwegian Defence University College in 2019–22.

    • Russian security and foreign policy
    • Russia and the post-Soviet region
    • Russia's political economy
    • Political development, formal and informal institutions
    • Authoritarian regimes
    • Russian energy companies (oil, gas, nuclear, electricity)