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Media site – Cold Response 2022

Find info about photos, video, media opportunities, press contacts and useful tips for your stay in Norway.

Media archive update 29 March 2022:

Unfortunately, our media archive is still down due to technical problems. We are working on it and hope to have our archives back up and running in short time.

  • A temporary solution with downloadable photos and video from today’s events can be found here (Dropbox).
  • If you need photos or video of specific events not found in the folder, please send a request to: [email protected], and we will help you as soon as we can.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Upcoming media events and media opportunities

Press contacts

Norwegian Joint Headquarters

For questions and issues concerning the exercise Cold Response 22 and allied training in Norway.
Phone: +47 40 43 80 83 (no SMS)

Chief of Defence spokespersons

​​Professional military questions, or comments from the Chief of Defence or the Defence Staff.
Phone: 916 69 955 (no SMS)

Emergency numbers
Norway has three different emergency numbers, all free of charge: 110 (fire and serious pollution) , 112 (Police), 113 (Ambulance and medical assistance)
Photos and video
Through our media archive, the Norwegian Armed Forces offer still photos and B-roll footage from the exercise. Read more about the archive here.

Weather and climate

How do you dress for a long day out in the cold? And how do you avoid frostbites? See our tips.

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Accommodation and transportation


Here you will find links to hotels in the various Cold Response 22 exercise areas. We have also gathered information about transport options both in northern and southern parts of Norway.

Cold Response fact sheet
All you need to know about the exericse, gathered in one PDF document.
Cold Response and COVID-19 measures
Measures and plans to ensure that allied training in Norway is carried out safely.