Stridslogg fra angrepet på Banken

Stridsloggen er skrevet på engelsk. Det er arbeidsspråket i internasjonale operasjoner, ved kommunikasjon med allierte soldater. Dette er direkte avskrift av stridsloggen, men vi har rettet opp noen av skrivefeilene i teksten.

10:40: Fire front gate is burning out

10:40: Crowd moving west from main gate

10:42:  Situation rear gate calm

10:44: Care fire front gate (our own) grenades in the car

10:45: No rubber unless people are trying to climb the wall

10:47: Warning shoots granted if people are trying to climb the wall

10:49: GOV informed and asked to take action


10:52: QRF scrambled will arrive ASAP
They are informed that we cant meet at Apon

10:53: Warning shots fired

10:53: MOT (L) informed - coming back and waiting 3KM from PRT

10:55: Crowd is more aggressive 

10:56: Trying to climb the wall

10:57: Informing higher echelon that we have problems manning position 

10:59: Air inbound in 15-20 min

10:30: FINPOS informed

11:01: Air is approved by RACN Chief of staff


11:02: QRF has no transport

11.02: Main gate has been breached

11:03: People gathering on both sides of rear gate

11:04: Burning clothing thrown over the wall

11:05: The police is going down from the next building

11:07: Guard house in the rear on fire

11:09: Pax trying to enter will be fired upon by ISAF

11:12: Own forces firing rubber bullets through main gate

11:12: Crowd throwing molotov cocktails at burning car

11:14: A lot of rocks thrown at the outer(?) pos.

11:16: Crowd are carrying knives


11:17: Ammo in burning car is exploding

11:21: We are out of coms to higher Echelon

11:22: QRF is on the way

11:25: MOT K is to wait 2 km from PRT. Are to prepare to secure airport

11:26: 1 ISAF caught on fire
Medic not needed

11:27: Crowd are firering at the front gate and doorway

11:29: Chief of police has ordered QRF to act

11:31: Realise of crypt destruction and is carried out

11:33: MOT L will decide where to wait


11:33: Air has arrived

11:34: Crowd 2m from front gate not trying to enter

11:35: Crowd gathering rear gate. 

11:35: Aircraft has effect and people are running to park

11:36: F16 deploying smoke grenades

11:38: QRF are not on the way

11:39: Hand grenade thrown at ISAF

11:40: NCC will support any PRT decicion 

Folke foran port

11:46: Aprox 1000 people in the area 

11:46: Police in the street

11:48: Is running towards west

11:49: Crowd is going towards 200 div compound

11:50: Still crowd in the rear 20-25 PAX. Warning shots has been fired

Folke foran port

11:51: Crowd is trying to breach front door and have fired on the door

11:51: Crowd has breached the door

11:53: Crowd in the rear are going to the left.

11:55: Air reports no more crowd gathering

11:56: I stantoo POS 3A is burning

11:58: Warning shots fired in the wall, a person try throw an uio front gate

11:59: Crowd decreasing in the rear - still stones throwing

12:00: 2 shock grenades deployed in the rear are keeping crowd away

12:00: Crowd is calmer and have moved back to the park

12:01: Hostiles are in the 200 DIV building. The building has cont. fire.

12:04: No visible weapons but shots can be heard from 200 DIV

12:05: 2 burst of hostile fire observed

12:05: Molotov throw in the rear

12:05: 1 ISAF hit to the Forehead and one wounded (enemy granad)

12:06: Crowd is increasing 

12:09: Air will be released by new PAR


12:11: Loudspeaker message from crowd

“Americans leave now to the airport and we will leave you alone”

12:12: Crowd from NE is moving the street south of compound 

12:14: Crowd is gathering in the southeast side of compound

12:15: More rocks thrown at the back gate

12:17: Crowd in the south are going over the wall/they are in the building but not going over


12:21: People throwing water to stop the car fire from the 200 DIV building

12:26: HNHCR called and its quiet at their pos.

12:26: Own forces fired warnings shots front gate

12:26: Man down

12:29: Fragment grenade front gate

12:30: 1 man light wounded

12:32: Molotovs thrown at main building

12:32: Sitrep sent to HQ

12:35: Many molotovs being thrown ower front gate

12:35: 3 hand grenades thrown over wall

12:37: Shredding will begin in 5 min

12:43: RAC -> N airfield to be secure in 30min Package arriving 

12:43: Eny shots fired through front gate

12:44: M19 is prepared


12:45: Grenade no casual

12:48: MOT L informed to secure airfield

12:48: Granade eny

12:50: MOT G has prepared claymore

12:52: Air is not to release weapons 

12:54: ENY firing on the front gate from  the park

12:54: Air is allowed to fire warning outside the city

12:55: Backpack throw over the rear wall


13:01: Warning shots do not seem to have effect

13:03: LIMA is at the airport

13:04: Granade eny

13:06: Request for weapons free sendt

13:07: Stone thrower front gate from 10 years old and up

13:09: MOT K is entering airfield

13:10: Attention of the crowd is towards the building on the right 

13:12: ISAF sniper deployed to row



13:12: Grenade and fire towards PRT building

13:16: Small arms fire from building to the right

13:17: Grenade

13:19: Ingen egne foran PRT

13:19: Weapons turned to the right side of the front

13:22: MOT K/L is to give cars to QRF

13:24: Airport secured

13:25: We have control of front gate and right compound


13:26: Water pump on fire

13:27: 2 A10 Deploy from Bagram z0925 Will arrive in 45 min

13:30: Police is taking action against the people with guns but the number is NOT ENOUGH

13:31: QRF 2 cars 20 men will be here in 20 min. 1-2 planes are  departed with more QRF

13:31: 5 police outside, 1 officer fired into crowd

13:34: the police are firing into the ground
Several 100 shots

13:36: DEP cop observed outside the gate
More police fire

13:39: Fire behind medical container is growing

13:41: Grenade 3x
No injury

13:41: New crowd gathering in front

13:44: No visible police off.


13:45: Crowd is moving, assessment is that they are going towards police

13:46: Airplanes need the confirmation from ward to show force by firing a burst towards people

13:48: OP: No aggressive people in the street. there is only some stone throwing.

13:49: Grenade thrown at front gate

13:51: Main efforts are concentrated at the main gate

13:52: No one at the backside

13:53: 3x barrels of gasoline coming towards the camp. Intend to spray PRT with gasoline. direction unknown.

13:59: Warning shot fired by sniper - No damage


14:01: People is still trying to enter the MG 

14:01: Sniper has a little injury from rock

14:03: Sniper is getting in pos. to have visual on the men with gas barrels.

14:04: Shot towards the man carrying weapon.

14:05: Sniper shot at the man with weapon.

14:06: OP shot at the man who continued to the right

14:07: Man down in OP. Wounded with headshot

13:50: 1x C-130 is being scrambled with QRF for reinforcements
medieval (?) C-160 is returning

14:10: TAC tasked that the airfield has to be secured until sunset

14:12: Tomas is coming down himself. He has taken a shot to his head. 

14:14: Police is showing signs that they want to discuss with someone

14:15: COP is entering the camp.

14:17: MOT K informed: If the people come to the airfield they can not secure the airfield.

14:20: Situation going back to normal. There is no one on the streets.
Police are blocking the street
People said the they will stop the hostility if the PRT takes the injured to PRT´s hospital and take care of them

14:30: ETA for plane is 15min

14:30: 200-300 PAX left on the street. No indication of aggressive activity 5-6 policemen holding them.

14:33: People are leaving the park
50-100 PAX are still gathered 

14:40: We have a casualty collection point at the airport


14:41: C-160 landing

14:42: MOT K tasked to escort QRF

14:47: 1 PAX is filming the main gate

14:47: Crowd is approaching the gate, 60 are close to the flaming car. Mainly they are kids. They are starting to throw stones.

14:51: Situation is escalating again.

14:52: 200-300 approaching the gate. Police is trying to stop them


14:54: MOT K and QRF are coming to base. MOT L and QRF staying at airfield.

14:56: OP: people are throwing stone at the main gate

14:57: Warning shots fired again at MG

14:59: Total of QRF will be 80

15:03: Crowd is stoning the 200 DIV compound

15:05: Grenade at front yard. No casualties, thrown from main gate.

15:06: Back gate is open, QRF arriving.

15:08: People moving from airfield toward PRT base

15:09: Back gate closed

15:10: Police firing towards street, towards…

15:10: Man on motorcycle is escaping

15:12: Enemy force down, 1 man was shooting towards us. Possible hit?

15:15: No people on the street, no people in the park


15:28: MIKE 25 fighter escort for transport casualties to the airfield. Decide that there is no need for that.

15:32: 4-5 PAX behind the wall, with AK 47.

15:50: Planes left. 3 helos on ground

15:57: Crowd of people has gathered to the airfield, south side

16:14: Medical container on fire, visual on smoke

16:10: People gathering at grids 599 774

16:22: Choppers left airfield

16:29: F22E Sat phone is open(MOT L)

16:29: People are bending behind the wall, there might be a casualty

16:40: ETA for the plane is 30 min. Wounded will be taken to that plane. After this plane is coming, 2 planes fly route is Kabul → Mey → Mes →  Mey → Kabul 

16:42: Situation calming, 15 pax near the gate

16:55: PRT is filmed from the Azadi building

16:57: Man with camera is filmingTowards PRT base


16:59: 2 ISAF cars drove in front of the base, from right to left. Arrived through the rear gate.

17:03: Armed police is trying to make people leave

17:13: Provincial governor Latif is coming to the PRT base

17:20: PRT informed RAC North that there is no need for immediate supply of food, water or medicine

17:26: S 1 / 4 and PSyops are leaving for the airport with wounded, escorted by brit QRF

17:29: Provincial governor arrived


17:30: M22 informed that convoy is leaving for the airport. M10 promised to forward the msg to brits

17:34: MTG room has to be secured for the MTG

17:41: Icom has been handed out to 33A( Brit maj who is responsible for security)

17:54: Visual om the plane (MOT L)

17:54: Plane landed

18:02: Its getting dark

18:04: Approx. 10 pax looking at the MG. South western corner

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