Siri Merethe Neset

Institutt for forsvarsstudier
Telefon: 22851104

Siri Neset is a political psychologist. Her academic interests include foreign policy decision-making, security studies, geopolitics, Turkish domestic and foreign policy, and U.S. relations with MENA. 

Neset`s work is focused within the intersection between theoretically informed approaches and policy related issues. She has directed several policy-oriented projects on Turkey`s security, foreign and domestic politics, Iran and U.S relations with the Middle East, as well as having established and led several dialogue projects. 

Siri Neset is a senior researcher at IFS, Centre for Security policy and is currently working on a research project on the regional security dynamics of the Black Sea where she specifically studies the role of Turkey as a regional security actor between Ukraine, Russia, NATO, and the United States. 

    • Foreign policy decision-making security studies
    • Geopolitics
    • Turkish security and foreign policy
    • Turkey as a security actor in its surrounding regions
    • US relations with MENA