Ravindra Babu Ummaneni

Telefon: 98471372

Born 1979. Received Bachelor of Technology (2000), Master of Technology (2002) degrees from India and PhD degree in electrical power engineering from the Norwegian
University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway.

After masters worked as assistant professor in India (2002-05). Came to Norway in 2005 and worked as research fellow in NTNU (2005-09), senior R&D engineer in Smart motor AS–present Rolls-Royce electrical (2009-13), senior project engineer in Resonator AS - based on my PhD work (2013-16) and later worked in start-up company ALVA.

Even though I have a lot of industrial, R&D experience, my passion is towards teaching and sharing knowledge with students.

    • electrical machines and drives
    • analog circuits and power electronics
    • computational electromagnetics and sensors