The national flag brought to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) on the day the Act on Independence of Ukraine was adopted. August 24, 1991.

Building Resilience: The Russia-Ukraine War and Security Challenges for Ukraine and Europe

The Norwegian Defence University College and the National Defence University of Ukraine proudly present our third joint Security Conference.

Dato Tid Sted Billetter
31. okt 2023
08:30  - 16:00

This conference brings together distinguished experts, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to examine the multifaceted aspects of security in the wake of the Russian war in Ukraine, focusing on the Ukrainian experience and lessons learned. 

The conference serves as a platform for in-depth discussions and exchanges, aiming to foster a comprehensive understanding of the security challenges faced by Ukraine and Europe. By analyzing the Russian war in Ukraine, we aim to unravel its complex dynamics and explore effective strategies to build resilience against such conflicts. 

Building resilience is a critical endeavor in today's world, where emerging threats and modern warfare demand innovative approaches. Ukraine and Europe have experienced firsthand the devastating consequences of the Russian war, which highlights the urgent need to enhance security measures and minimize vulnerabilities. By examining the Ukrainian experience and the lessons learned, this conference aims to identify key factors that contribute to resilience and explore practical solutions. 

The conference will delve into the ever-evolving landscape of modern warfare, including the use of hybrid tactics, cyber warfare, disinformation campaigns, and the incorporation of emerging technologies. By exploring these aspects, we can gain valuable insights into the nature of conflicts and develop effective defense mechanisms. 



Amid the Largest European War Since World War II: Building resilience in Ukraine and Europe

09.00  Opening remarks, Tom Røseth 
09.05  Opening speech Chief of Norwegian Defence, General Eirik Kristoffersen
09.15  Opening speech Cdr NDUU, Colonel General Mykhailo Koval TB
09.25  Key Note:
The Russian War on Ukraine and its Implications on Europe’s Security Structure,
  Yevgenia Gaber and Alina Frolova

09.55  Break

10.15  A Total War? Armed Forces and Civil Resistance in Ukraine
CHAIR  Ingerid Maria Opdahal
The military perspective/reform in 2014-2022 and 2022, Antolii Pavlikoskii
Civil-military cooperation, Tobias Sæther
Ukrainian and Russian Strategy/way of war/operations and tactics, Palle Ydstebø
Wagner's role in the war, Tor Bukkvoll

11.30  Lunch

12.30 The Information Front
Documentation from the Ground, Andrey Dubchak - digitally
Russian Information Campaigns, Karen Anna Eggen
The formation of nation resilience in Ukraine, Oleksander Peredii
Lessons learned from Ukrainian Strategic Communication, Iryna Izhutova

13.45  Break

14.15 And What about the future? From War to a Stable European Security Architecture
CHAIR Tobias Sæther
How Security Systems are Formed, Hobson TBC
The future for the Black Sea region and Crimea, Frolova
Turkey's role in the war moving forward, Gaber
NATO and Ukraine: Security Aspects on Integration, Nina Andriianova

15.30 Closing speech, Deputy Minister Volodymyr Mirnenko/ TBC
15.40 Closing remarks, Tom Røseth