Military Humanities (MILHUM)

Engaging teaching and research at the intersection of the armed forces, the humanities, and society

MILHUM applies perspectives and methodologies from the humanities on the study of the military profession and war. The concept “military humanities” constitutes an argument that the humanities bring unique contributions to the development of skills and knowledge vital for the military profession in the 21st century, and it complements the military sciences in the education of military professionals.

“Military Humanities” is a field of inquiry using perspectives from various humanities disciplines and social sciences to explore connections between the armed forces, war and its aftermath, and society and culture more broadly.

About us

The MILHUM research group is a network for educators and researchers aiming to enable conversations and collaborations across academic disciplines, and between the armed forces and the higher education sector. Based at the NDUC and with members from its many schools participating in its activities, the MILHUM research group also includes international partners.

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    Lene Ekhaugen


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    Kjetil Enstad

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    Tore Listou


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Call for Papers

Submit your abstract for the seminar “Professional Identity Formation in the Military – from a Humanities Perspective”

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CRU`n trener

Scientific study

As an approach to scientific study of the military and war, MILHUM can:

  • Provide unique perspectives and methodologies particularly suited to studying the military as an organisation and its operations, complementing established fields.
  • Provide solutions to questions and identify new questions, thus contributing to improving the military and its practices.

Military education

As an aspect of professional military education, MILHUM can:

  • Provide frameworks of understanding and knowledge necessary for the military professional in the 21st century.
  • Provide methods, skills and tools essential for professional practice.
  • Contribute to developing skills in sensemaking and interpretation, critical reasoning, analysis and creative problem-solving.